I am a Pakistani, plan to visit South Korea in third week of Nov'19. From there I want to visit Taiwan for business purpose. I want to know can I apply and get Taiwan visa from South Korea. If yes, please send me the contact information.


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Taiwan doesn’t have an embassy in Pakistan, so you have to apply at an overseas embassy anyways.

Pakistan citizens aren’t eligible for the e-Visa so you have to apply for a visa in the embassy of Taiwan in South Korea bringing all your supporting documents with you.

As for the requirements of the visa, you'll find them all listed here or here. You'll need:

  • A passport valid for at least six months;
  • A duly completed application form with two photos taken within the past six months;
  • An outbound airline ticket or verifiable proof of purchase of steamship ticket ;
  • Documents verifying the purpose of visit;
  • Other relevant documents.
  • A visa fee of 50 or 100USD (single or multiple-entry)

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