I am a Pakistani national, however my girlfriend is from India we met in third country, now she is back in India, and I want to visit her, can I get the visa for India on basis of meeting girlfriend or should I have to make some other reason to apply.

  • What other credible and provable reason could you give? It’s generally best to tell the truth where visa applications are concerned.
    – Traveller
    Oct 4 '19 at 20:24
  • It is especially advisable to be truthful and careful in your visa application to India, given the current political situation. Oct 4 '19 at 21:27

Pakistani nationals can apply for a Visitor Visa to visit friends or relatives in India. This includes your girlfriend.

Because Pakistani nationals cannot obtain Tourist Visas, you should apply for a Visitor Visa and explicitly declare that you wish to visit your girlfriend. She will need to send you a sponsorship certificate that you will include with your visa application.

You can find the required documents and visa application process on the High Commission of India in Islamabad web site.

  • Thank you @Michael for detail response. I am currently in the US and will be applying for the Indian visa from here. I guess, the procedure and documents that are required will be same.
    – Touseef
    Oct 5 '19 at 3:47
  • @Touseef The process is different when applying from the USA. See the Embassy of India in Washington DC web site for the details. Oct 5 '19 at 8:29

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