• Travelling from Larnaca (Cyprus)->Cluj (Romania) then from Cluj->London.

  • I have two separate tickets (same airline, bought through WIZZ) and only 1 hour between arrival and departure.

  • I have EU passport and all countries involved are in EU (for the time being!).

  • I do not have any checked-in luggage, I only have a shoulder bag.

  • WIZZ's punctuality the last week regarding this particular flight from Larnaca seem OK.

  • Scheduled arrival in Cluj at 19:00 on a Monday.

Is 70 minutes adequate time to catch my connecting flight ? (from touchdown to gate closing)?

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    Given you must be at the gate 30 minutes before your second flight, this is really very short. Make sure you get a seat up front on the first flight. Can't even find a terminal map of that airport. – jcaron Oct 4 at 15:21
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    If the pictures on Google Maps are up to date, there are no contact positions for aircraft, which means all passengers need to take a bus between the aircraft to the terminal. This probably adds a good 10-15 minutes to your disembarkation time, even if you are the first off the aircraft, and also means they will probably be quite strict about the 30 minutes deadline. I also don't see any mention whatsoever of airside transit anywhere. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but it's probably quite unlikely. – jcaron Oct 4 at 16:07
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    Good that you had feedback from someone who knows the airport. Not quite sure why this was put on hold as "too broad" when this is actually a very, very specific question... – jcaron Oct 6 at 13:19
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    Don't forget to post an answer once you have attempted the transfer, letting us know if it did work out! – jcaron Oct 6 at 13:20
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    @jcaron I'm not familiar with Cluj, but in small airports it's pretty common to just walk to/from the aircraft. – lambshaanxy Oct 6 at 15:37

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