I am travelling with China Southern Airlines on an itinerary that looks like this:

  • Outbound: XXX – Beijing (PEK)
  • Return, 14 days later: Shanghai (SHA) – Guangzhou (CAN) – XXX,

where XXX is my home airport outside of China.

For some reason, the first leg of the return trip (SHA – CAN) ended up on the same e-ticket as the outbound flight, while the final leg is on a separate ticket. The flights were all booked at once and the ticket numbers are consecutive, which indicates that they were issued at the same time.

Could I still encounter problems when it comes to:

  • checking my bags through at SHA to my final destination?
  • misconnecting at CAN due to a delayed inbound flight from Shanghai?
  • Did you book this directly with the airline or through some 3rd party? Some 3rd parties (e.g. Kiwi.com) will book separate tickets, which can be a real headache. Is the PNR with the airline or with the booking agent? – Hilmar Aug 18 '19 at 14:33
  • This was booked through a third-party website. As for the PNR: The booking actually also contains some short flights on KLM which I didn't mention, so I got a PNR from KLM which works on KLM's website and shows the whole itinerary. I was also given a PNR that is supposedly for China Southern, but CZ's website isn't letting me manage my booking with this PNR as the ticket wasn't bought on their website. – Mophotla Aug 18 '19 at 21:32

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