I submitted biometrics at a Canadian ASC (not VAC) in the US and I received a letter asking me to submit the passport to a VAC. (In particular, I paid a biometrics fee of 85 CAD)

This page says to include a money order in the envelope with the passport:

enter image description here

But it also says that the package transmission fee is a subset of fees required for those who are not enrolling in biometrics. However since I've given my biometrics, I guess I am enrolling in biometrics. Do I need to enclose the money order then?

Here is another source:

Applicants who submit their passport or documents at a different VAC from the one where they initially provided biometrics, Package Transmission fees will apply.

If no package is transmitted at the time of biometric enrolment (when the application has been submitted online), the initial package transmission is included in the fee of CAD $85 for biometric enrolment and package transmission.

According to the first sentence, I do need to pay the transmission fee.

According to the second, I don't.

So I'm not sure if I actually need to pay this fee.

  • Can the transmission fees be paid by personal check instead of money order?
    – Anita
    Dec 19, 2022 at 17:21

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The answer to the question in the title is "yes".

enter image description here

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