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I am an international student in the US. As part of my Canada visa process, I got a letter asking me to submit my passport to the nearest VAC. For New York (which is the nearest VAC to me), the following are the instructions as on this website:

Option 2: Submit your passport by courier to the Visa Application Centre (VAC) in New York

Canadian Visa Application Centre – New York 145 West 45th street, 4th floor New York, NY, 10036 U.S.A.

You can submit your passport(s) by mail or in person.

With your passport(s), make sure you include:

  • the passport request letter you received from IRCC;

  • any applicable visa application centre (VAC) fees, such as passport transmission fees;

  • full contact information, including email, phone number, and full return address;

  • the VAC consent forms (available on their Web site);

  • and a pre-paid return courier envelope, if applicable.

Any idea what VAC fees is? Why is it so vague ("such as passport transmission")? Where do I find this and what are the other possible fees I might have to pay and how am I supposed to pay this?

Also, is the pre-paid envelope (point 5) applicable or not? Do I need to ask the courier guys?

Why is this site so poorly maintained with no links to the appropriate information? Or am I the only one frustrated and finding this process tough?

So many questions...

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