I am shortly travelling to Canada to do an RV trip with my wife. The middle itinerary looks like:

Day 5 - Arrive in Jasper & stay in Waipiti Campsite for 2 nights
Day 7 - Move to A Campsite in Rampart Creek
Day 8 - Move to Lake Louise Campsite for 2 nights

I've read a lot both here on the official parks website and on multiple other websites that I need to buy a pass. I have no problem with that.

What I'm confused about is when I actually buy the pass, and whether I need multiple for the different stays. I have already booked my campsites in the three locations due to the size of the RV.

So My Question Is: How & When Do I buy passes for the Canadian national parks?

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    Your last link has a whole section about "Where Can I Buy A Park Pass In the Canadian Rockies" which contains a list of all the locations. Aug 6, 2019 at 19:59
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According to this link, park passes can be purchased in one of the several kiosks and park offices scattered around the parks, as well as online. Quoting from the link:

Where Can I Buy A Park Pass In the Canadian Rockies

There are several entry gates that have kiosks manned with park attendants.


  • East Banff gate – this is where you enter Banff National Park when driving west from Calgary or Canmore on Trans-Canada Highway #1. If you have already purchased a park pass you don’t have to stop at this gate each time. Slow down to the posted speed limit and drive by in the pass-through lane.

  • Jasper East Park – This is the gate you will approach when heading west from Hinton or Edmonton on the Yellowhead Highway #16


  • Kootenay West Gate – used when driving in from Radium Hotsprings or Cranbrook on the Banff-Windermere Highway #93

  • Jasper West Gate – used when driving in from Kamloops or Prince George on the Yellowhead Highway #16 Icefields Parkway – There are pass kiosks located at each end of the Icefields Parkway near Lake Louise and Jasper.

Parks Canada Tourist Office Locations

If you have entered a park where there was not a gate or the gate was unattended you need to head to one of the following locations to purchase a pass.

  • Lake Louise – next to the Samson Mall in the village of Lake Louise
  • Banff – in the town at 224 Banff Avenue
  • Jasper – in town at 500 Connaught Drive
  • Yoho – at the Field Visitor Center on the Trans Canada Hwy (May to early October only) use the Lake Louise location the rest of the year.
  • Kootenay – (May to September only) in the village of Radium on the main street

Additional places to purchase park passes in Banff National Park

  • Wilson Mountain Sports – in the Samson Mall in the village of Lake Louise

Purchase Online Or By Phone

You can purchase an annual Discovery Pass prior to your trip online or by phone. Call 403-760-1343 or 1-888-773-8888 between 8am and 4pm M.S.T. (Mountain Standard Time) or online at: Parks Canada Annual Discovery Park Pass. Daily or Discovery Park Passes can be also be purchased online at Banff/Lake Louise Tourism

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