I am indian citizen i want go in Bangkok Indonesia embassy for my Work Telex stamp process. I have Telex copy approved by indonesian embassy. Can I enter in Bangkok on tourist visa as Thailand offering visa on arrival for indians? Or i need any other type of visa?

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  • If you're saying you are going to Bangkok to work you'll need a work visa. I've really no idea what you mean by Work Telex stamp process – Redd Herring May 16 at 4:39
  • Not for work. I want to enter in Bangkok for visa stamp for my work permit in Indonesia.My visa application for work permit already submitted to Indonesian embassy in Bangkok – Rahul Chavan May 16 at 4:44
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    It sounds like you're an Indian national who wants to travel to Bangkok to visit the Indonesian embassy for something to do with a work visa application (to work in Indonesia)? Is that correct? – Zach Lipton May 16 at 4:44
  • @Zach Lipton ..Right – Rahul Chavan May 16 at 4:48

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