Are ski-passes in Arabba issued for a particular person (i.e. do they have a photo associated with them)? Does it apply to all durations?

Also are there any free lifts near the town (to teach the small children without having a ski-pass)? This is often the case in French resorts.

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    To me this looks like two precise questions: one about ski passes and another one about nursey slopes. Maybe they should be split? Commented Feb 23, 2013 at 22:15
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    @MarcelC., I think you are right. I will ask (a bit more general) question about the second part.
    – Grzenio
    Commented Feb 24, 2013 at 15:17

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I have just been in the ski pass office.

There is no photo associated with ski-passes up to 7 days. However, there is the ski-passes starting from 2 days have the gender of the holder associated with it. Of course, sharing or swapping a ski-pass is illegal, and may result in confiscation of the ski-pass if found.

To answer the second half of the question, there don't seem to be any free lifts.

UPDATE: I also found out that if your child has at most 3 years, you can buy a special family skipass (20% more expensive than the corresponding normal one), which can be shared between the parents. If you do the math, it becomes cheaper than multiple one day passes starting from 7 days.


According to this UK forum post there is no photo on the Arabba ski-passes.

Some quotes from the thread:

I went to arabba last year and got back from selva on the 27th Jan this year. Got my lift pass through Inghams both times but never needed a photo.

Was in Arabba last week. No photo needed, and no photo taken in lift pass offfice.


Although no picture is taken when printing the pass, some ski lift access control systems are able to detect if a single pass is used by different persons.

This applies to some systems that use barcode or RFID passes and turnstiles. For instance, one of the newest Skidata systems takes a picture of the user at the turnstile at each passage. The guard inside the booth near the turnstiles is able to see on a computer all the different pictures that were taken in association with the pass. Thus, any swapping can be easily busted.

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    Wow, they go really long way to detect these things! I don't think they have these systems here in Arabba yet, but I am not sure obviously.
    – Grzenio
    Commented Feb 26, 2013 at 19:22

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