I am applying for Italy short stay visa at Washington DC. In the appointment confirmation email, it is stated for photo requirement as

Recent passport-size photo (1.2”x1.5” or 4x4 cm) on white background (NOTE: scanned or photocopied photos will NOT be accepted).

I emailed visti.washington@esteri.it and they confirmed with this response,

4x4cm (white background!).

In US, stores like walgreens and CVS provide default Schengen visa size like 35mm x 45 mm. Where can we get the photo with this special dimension?

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    The dimensions are probably not all that important since 1.2"×1.4" corresponds to 31mm × 38 mm ... – Henning Makholm May 7 at 2:53
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    That is a strange thing for the embassy to say. The Schengen visa dimensions should be fine, since they are issuing Schengen visas! – Michael Hampton May 7 at 4:08
  • Luckily we found a photo studio in a shopping mall where they could take a 4 cm x 4 cm photo. – Ads May 8 at 20:42

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