I overstayed by one day in South Africa two years ago. I am going back there on holiday this October 2019 using my New Zealand passport,and of course getting a visa in NZ before going. Can I be blocked at O Tambo airport when I arrive, or will the undesirable status have been lifted by this time? I submitted an appeal against this two years ago...but never received any response from SA. I have sent many e- mails, and phoned numerous times for help.....nothing!

The consulate in Wellington can't help,neither the visa company in Auckland.

How can I check if my NZ passport still has a block on it for SA ? I don't wan't to be turned back on my arrival in SA.

I am DESPERATE for help, thanks.

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    If you're granted the visa you're applying for I think you can fairly assume your ban has expired. However, border guards everywhere have wide discretion to deny access for all sorts of reasons and having a visa doesn't guarantee entry. – Redd Herring Mar 28 at 1:32
  • Thanks, sounds reassuring, but still waiting for someone who has experienced this, and what happened to them on arrival in S A. – Dennis Mar 28 at 2:59

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