I overstayed my visa permit in 2012 and upon leaving the Republic of South Africa, I was not issued or given the form with which to pay the necessary administrative fine. How do I pay this fine, where do I pay the fine and how much would I have to pay? Please advise.

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    Have you tried asking the South African consulate in the country where you live?
    – phoog
    May 26 '15 at 20:30

They may not have levied a fine. To find out, you can try several alternatives...

  1. Apply for a visa
  2. Make a personal data access to the South African government
  3. Instruct a South African solicitor to check it for you

All of these will work given enough time. If you are sure a fine was levied, then you can ask for them to send you the payment details. You can make that request through the consulate at the cognizant South African embassy.

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