Anybody from Canada here? My mom ( 90 years old) wants to visit us in Canada, the only problem is that she does not speak any other languages except Romanian. Do they have translators at the airport? My worries are related to the Customs declaration form, that now is on mandatory on the Primary Inspection Kiosks, a too complicated computerized system for somebody that old with no computer knowledge...

  • Could you try talking her through completing the form before she travels? Eg there are guides online youtu.be/qrRJGZ_A65U? – Traveller Mar 16 at 13:56
  • Thank you for the suggestion, and yes, I did think of that, and we will do it on Skype, but she has Parkinson as well, and her hands are shaking.... – Bunny B. Mar 16 at 14:58
  • Does your mom need a visa to visit you? If so, one eligibility criteria is that she needs to be in good health; at 90 they may ask her to undergo a medical exam canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/… – Traveller Mar 16 at 15:39
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    Possible duplicate of Language problems at the airport? – Kate Gregory Mar 16 at 16:35
  • @ Traveler : My mom does not need a visa, therefore no medical requirements for a short visit – Bunny B. Mar 16 at 18:04

I recommend that your Mom, writes a letter stating:

  • She can't speak Canadian but can speak Romanian

  • Answers all fields on the custom form

If need be they will obtain a translator at the airport.

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    Last I checked, they spoke English and French in Canada officially, plus a smattering of native languages, but not Canadian... ;) – Roddy of the Frozen Peas Mar 16 at 14:55
  • Canadian English is spoken in Canada :) – Bunny B. Mar 16 at 15:00
  • May I suggest that you provide her with a letter in English explaining the purpose of her trip, details of you/your family and your contact phone numbers and explaining that your mum doesn't speak English. A copy of her return ticket is a good idea as well as details of her travel insurance to demonstrate that she won't need access to public funds' (Canada health care). – canonacer Mar 17 at 19:23

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