I am an Indian passport holder studying in Guyana, South America. I am going back to India for vacation on August 28, 2018 for 3 months. I am transiting in Panama and Brazil. From Guyana to Panama is one PNR and from Panama to Brazil to Dubai to India is another PNR. I already have transit permission for Panama. Do I need a transit visa for Brazil?

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According to the Brazilian Consulate-General Rotterdam website:

The Immigration authorities of Brazil informed that, from October 1st 2015 onwards, international travelers from countries that do not have visa waiver agreements with Brazil will be required to present a transit visa (VITRA) when passing through the Brazilian territory with reservations from different airline companies to reach the final destination.

International travelers bearing a single booking (one airline reservation) from the departure country to the final destination will not need a transit visa to pass through the Brazilian territory. The single booking may include different airline companies considering that the companies may have flight sharing agreements.

The transit visa will be required only to the above international citizens traveling with more than one booking (more than one airline reservation) issued by different airline companies with no flight sharing agreements.

or, in my opinion, you can also find an answer in Indian citizen transiting in Brazil on the way to Peru. Is a transit visa required?

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