I intend to travel on the Hampi express from SBC (Bengaluru City station) to Hospet. As only waitlisted tickets were available between these stations, I have booked my journey from Kengeri to Hospet and changed the boarding point to SBC. My ticket is currently RAC(Reservation against Cancellation).

How does seat allocation happen in such a situation? Is it based on the booking station or the boarding station?

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According to Indian Railways (scroll to the bottom)

CHANGE OF BOARDING POINT : If a passenger desires to occupy reserved accommodation from any station enroute, he would be permitted to entrain at any intermediate station he chooses irrespective of the distance from the starting station subject to the following conditions :

  • A specific request must be made in writing at any computerized reservation counter and reservation made atleast 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train from the starting station.

  • The Railway Administration reserves the right to use such accommodation from the originating station up to the station at which the passenger is due to entrain.

  • No refund will be permissible for the portion of journey not performed by the passenger.

As per rules the seat allotment is based on your boarding station.

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