I am looking at going through Addis Ababa on my way to Cape Town. It seems that this should be enough time and that I didn't have to go through immigration until I get to South Africa- is this still the case?

Also, I assume it is, but is this airport safe for a young woman traveling alone?



It's plenty of time. The airport is not large, and transit passengers do not need to clear immigration.

The airport seemed quite safe to me when I was there. It was fairly busy, so you will never be alone. I am not a woman, however, so my experience isn't 100% relevant.

Bring warm clothing. I was traveling in the summer, so I didn't have enough of that, and the elevation is quite high, so temperatures are low. The terminal is not heated, and it is open to the outside.

  • Thanks so much. That's what I figured, but I really appreciate the confirmation. Nice tip about the terminal being open air. – Erin Mar 28 '18 at 21:31

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