At the Swedish Trafikverket website, I can find current times for trains by train numbers. Like this, I can tell whether a train is running late. However, they only show today, perhaps yesterday and tomorrow for overnight trains. Swedish SJ publish reliability statistics, but only by month and train category. For planning purposes ("do I take the bet for the train to be less than 1 hour late"), I'd be quite interested in looking through the exact delays for a specific train number for the past couple of weeks.

Is there any (probably unofficial) website archiving the information available on a daily basis at Trafikverket, so that users can find (recent) historical delay information for a specific train number?

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I found Senatåg which, as the name implies, lists late trains in Sweden. The user interface should be fairly self-descriptive. You can specify destinations, time period (what you are actually looking for) and minimum late time. Not sure if you can export the data to perform statistical analysis (if that's what your thing), but there seems to be an API in beta that spews out JSON. Documentation is in Swedish, though.

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Other possibilities are Tåg.info (with an å in the domain name) and Tågtider.net

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    Nice. Mini-review: Senatåg has some usability issues for night trains due to inconsistent train numbers during the night, but searching between two early morning stations resolves that. Tåg.Info misses delays for the same reason with no clear workaround. Can't find any historical info on Tågtider.net. The night-train problem is that if a night train is very late, it gets a new number and a morning train with the night trains number runs according to the night trains timetable. Consequently, the night train appears on time when it's actually 4+ hours late!
    – gerrit
    Dec 12, 2012 at 16:24
  • @gerrit: it would be interesting to see a more in-depth analysis and comparison between these services if you have the time to do it. Dec 12, 2012 at 16:39

There is no other source then the ones mentioned above. I guess that Senatåg.se is the best fit for you right now.

PS. We keep track of all changes in real-time and store it for eventual later use. I don't have any endpoints in place for returning the data you request at this point. Send me a message/tweet/email for more info. DS.

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