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The only ID card I have is for my 7th year class. Can I use it as ID for domestic flight from LKO-DEL?

I am traveling with my father; he have all documents, so can I get verified by him ?

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  • I only have admit card can i use it at jet konnect Lucknow to Mumbai – Wahab Siddiqui Aug 27 '18 at 21:56

In India you usually need to show your ID at two places - entrance to the airport and at check-in.

As per this news item, Bureau of Civil Aviation expects passengers to have any one of the following IDs to enter the airport:

  1. Passport
  2. Voter ID
  3. Aadhaar or m-Aadhaar
  4. Pan Card
  5. Driving licence
  6. Service ID
  7. Student ID card
  8. Passbook of account in a nationalised bank with photo
  9. Pension card or pension documents with photo
  10. Disability ID card or handicapped medical certificate

So your student ID should be sufficient. But the same report also states

BCAS also clarified that infants or minors accompanied by a guardian with a valid ID wouldn't need a separate proof for domestic air travel. Unaccompanied minors would.

As you are travelling with your father (a bona fide passenger) you won't need to produce any proof.

For check-in the student ID should be sufficient (if the staff at all ask for it). Links for Air India, Indigo, goair

  • Thanks, this just resolved a big problem of mine. – Ruchir Rai Jan 29 at 19:30

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