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Questions related to Go Airlines Ltd, an airlines operating in India. Not to be used for the Hawaiian airline "go!".

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How long is the customs process in Indira Gandhi International Airport?

I will arrive at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport at 2:45 AM, I plan to book my next domestic flight to Leh with GoAir which will depart at 8:30 AM. Is 5 hours enough time to clear all the ...
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Can I use my school ID card for an Indian domestic flight?

The only ID card I have is for my 7th year class. Can I use it as ID for domestic flight from LKO-DEL? I am traveling with my father; he have all documents, so can I get verified by him ?
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What are important tips for a complete noobie regarding a layover at Mumbai via GoAir?

I have researched the web about what is a layover and came to know that if flight number is different, then I have to change the plane. DOMESTIC FLIGHT: Do I need to worry about my checked in ...
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Action against GoAir airline [closed]

Referring to Is 3 hours enough connecting time in New Delhi Indira Gandhi (T1 to T3)? the following thread and my last comment, which is as follows: This GoAir Airline is really weird. They now ...
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