I live in Spain and I recently lost my passport and I'm trying to obtain an emergency travel document from the British Embassy. This allows me to travel within 5 different countries, however 'visas might be necessary'.

On 15th November I will travel from Barcelona to Los Angeles and stay there 36 hours. I will then fly to Mexico where I will be for almost 3 weeks. On 4th December I will go back to Los Angeles at 11 am and fly back to BCN at 20:45.

It seems that I need a US visa along with my emergency travel document. However the visa process seems to take around 3 weeks and mentions appointments (I do not have 3 weeks).

I called the US visa advice line and they pointed me to the US Customs website. The number on their site went to a phone matrix which talks about the details for Mexican and Canadian travellers. I could not get to an agent...

Does anyone know if anything can be done or exists in this shitty situation, or should I cancel my trip and holiday on the Spanish cost without needing a passport?

The emergency passport seems useful but its use and immediacy seems to stop with things like the US visa process.

Thanks for advice or links and I can provide more info/details if it's needed.


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Your information is correct. The UK emergency passport is not an e-passport, so it does not allow you to use the US visa waiver program.

You can consider a couple of options.

1) Travel to the UK and make an expedited passport application.

2) Try to get an expedited visa appointment. One way to do that is to have been denied ESTA authorization. You may be able to get an ESTA denial by applying for it with your non-qualifying emergency passport, but I am not sure whether the application actually asks about that.

Another option, of course, would be to travel to Mexico without passing through the US.

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