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The third largest city in Spain.

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Metro plastic card Valencia

On a trip in 2015 I bought a plastic card for the metro in Valencia, Spain. It seems to be a Móbilis Card as shown here: Are these still in use and will my card still be working on my trip next week?
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Baggage carousel for checked-in luggage tagged outside EU at Manises/Valencia Airport

Soon I will be travelling from New Delhi, India (non-EU) to Valencia, Spain (Schengen + EU). As there are no direct flights, I will be connecting either through Frankfurt, Germany (Via Lufthansa) or ...
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Valencia Floods - Should I cancel my trip?

I have tickets and hotel reservation to Valencia starting 18 Feb, should I cancel anything considering the floods?
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Current flood situation going on in Alicante (Spain) and Valencia (Spain) September 2019

I am travelling to Alicante and Valencia for 2 weeks from 20th September. How is the flood situation in Alicante and Valencia, should that be a matter of concern for tourists and travellers?
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Time of first train from Rosas station to Valencia airport by Metro

Where or how can I find the time of the first train from Rosas Metro station to Valencia airport?
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How to get to ALSA Bus Station Valencia from Valencia Airport?

How do I get to ALSA Bus Station Valencia from Valencia Airport? Can I take the last metro from the Airport? And how do I buy tickets for it? I'm coming at 23:30 and need to be at ALSA Bus Station ...
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What is the overnight wait room situation in bigger rail stations in Spain (Madrid and Valencia)?

I'm currently building my itinerary for crossing Spain by land (need to get to Almeria) and the better train connections I found unfortunately arrive to their transit destinations (Madrid Chamartín or ...
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Valencia: Places to work temporarily [closed]

I'm looking for places like cafés/hacker spaces/co working offices etc in Valencia where you can sit and work with your computer. Wi-Fi and power outlets are a not a requirement but a big plus. I'm ...
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Getting to Valencia Airport early in the morning

What options do I have to get to Valencia Airport early in the morning (to catch a flight with departure at 6:30) other than the expensive taxi?
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Interesting places to see around (not in) Valencia? [closed]

What are some interesting places to see that are accessible from Valencia for a reasonable price? I'm not looking for things in Valencia proper (suggestions are still very welcome, but it's a lot ...
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