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Rome Ciampino Airport (IATA:CIA), a joint civilian, commercial and military airport near Rome in Italy.

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1 answer

Roma Termini to CIA airport

My flight is at 6.30 am from CIA airport, Italy. My hotel is in Rome (near Termini). Do I get public transport to go to the airport in the early morning?
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1 answer

Roma Pass from Termini to Ciampino Airport

Can I use Roma Pass from Termini to Ciampino Airport or should I buy separate ticket?
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4 votes
2 answers

Airport transfer from Ciampino to Termini

I found in this post that is possible to go from Ciampino airport to Termini. The solution suggests this bus. I read that it is possible to take a bus to Casabianca and then take a train to Termini....
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How to get from Rome Ciampino to Lido di Ostia?

How to get from Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA) to Lido di Ostia by public transport? Are there any direct buses / trains? How much would a ticket cost?
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