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Angola (officially: Republic of Angola), a country in Southern Africa. The capital is Luanda.

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Road travel from Cameroon to Angola

Is there a clear road travel means from Cameroon to Angola? This is my first major travel to another African country, and I’m excited as well as curious to know that I’m safe. Are the roads good ...
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Risks of cycling across minefield [closed]

I am planning an off-road cycling trip in Angola. What happens if a bicycle is ridden over a land mine? Will it detonate? Will it result in injury, death or bicycle damage? Does it depend on the type ...
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What happens if your US visa, B1/B2 expires (unused visa) without travelling [duplicate]

What happens if your US visa expires without travelling? Indeed, I have already travelled to the United States before. But with another visa (this unused B1/B2), some family restrictions, my wife's ...
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Can I enter a country using just my seaman's book? [duplicate]

I am a UK citizen, working offshore of Angola. The shipping agent took my passport when I went through the Angolan port authority, to join my vessel. The Angolan authorities have my passport, as my ...
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Do I require a visa and yellow fever certificate for a transit in Luanda? [closed]

I am travelling to Lisbon from Cape Town via Luanda, with a two hour layover, in May.
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Transit visa for layover in Angola - U.S. citizen

I am going to Namibia in 2017. I am U.S citizen. My flight will fly from Amsterdam to Windhoek, it has one stop at Luanda, Angola and the layover time is one and half hour. I assume I do not need ...
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South African passport holder traveling from South Africa, via Luanda, Angola to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I am in transit for 3 hours in the airport in Luanda, Angola, on my way from Cape Town, South Africa to Rio in Brazil. I am on a South African passport. Do I need an Angolan visa?
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Travelling to Portugal from South Africa via Angola

My parents are traveling to Portugal via Angola in August. My dad has Portuguese passport and my mom has South African passport - is a visa needed for Angola?
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Do I need a transit visa for layover in Luanda?

I am a UK citizen flying from London to Namibia, via Morocco and Angola (what a journey) and have a 9 hour layover in Luanda Airport Angola. Does anyone know if I would need a transit visa for that?
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