I'm an American citizen in Morocco. Can I apply for an Algerian tourist visa at the Algerian consulate in Casablanca (or Oujda)?


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According to the rules (here, in French), you have to be resident in the country where you apply. The key paragraph is the first:

Les étrangers désireux de se rendre en Algérie doivent présenter à leur arrivée un passeport en cours de validité muni d’un visa d’entrée sur le territoire Algérien délivré par l’Ambassade ou le Consulat algérien du lieu de résidence habituel du demandeur. A l’exception des pays où les formalités de visa ne sont pas exigées (voir liste des pays).

Listes des pays non soumis aux formalités de visa: TUNISIE, MAROC, MAURITANIE, LYBIE, YÉMEN, MALI, MALAISIE, RASD, SEYCHELLES, SYRIE

A rough, fairly liberal, translation is (emphasis mine):

Foreigners wishing to enter Algeria should present on arrival a valid passport affixed with an entry visa for Algeria, delivered by the Algerian Embassy or Consulate in their habitual place of residence. This is with the exception of countries with no visa required (see list). List of countries: Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Libya, Yemen, Mali, Malaysia, the SADR, the Seychelles and Syria

So to answer your question, unless you are habitually resident in Morocco, you technically cannot apply for an Algerian visa there.

  • Good find. That's not actually a list of countries without Algerian diplomatic representation, though: it's the list of countries whose citizens are eligible for visa-free entry to Algeria!
    – Urbana
    Apr 30, 2016 at 11:43
  • Whoops! Sorry about that, my french is a little rusty.
    – jacoman891
    Apr 30, 2016 at 11:45

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