I can find lots of information online about using the public transportation in Copenhagen but almost none about how parking works. Everyone just says it's very hard and I should not try it but I am afraid that's unavoidable for me next week.

How does parking work in Copenhagen? Do I need to know anything special about the way I'm allowed to park?

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    I once drove to Copenhagen by car and had to park next to the Tivoli. With the help of my GPS it wasn't too difficult to find a parking garage. However, it was a little bit weird, since I had to give the guy how monitored this parking garage my key. First I wasn't sure if this is a good idea, but then I just took all my valuables out of the car and gave him the key. Later I was told that this is usual in Scandinavia. But I can't confirm it because it was the only time I parked in a parking garage and not somewhere else in Denmark. The price was also quite high, but compared to my place not. Commented Mar 26, 2012 at 16:21
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You got me curious so I decided to look into that. There is apparently a whole set of sites dedicated to parking in Copenhagen, but I think that this one provides a great aggregation of them.


I know its been quite a while since the question has been asked, but if someone still finds this useful, here's my two cents.

I was in Denmark a few months ago, and parking in central Copenhagen can be really expensive. However, just outside the center it is not too difficult to find a cheap or if you are really lucky, a safe and free place to park your car and continue on public transport. Visit Copenhagen has some very valuable information about traveling and parking in Copenhagen. I have not used it my self but a friend who was there for Christmas has found a mobile app which can be really useful in finding parks and public transport transits from there. Here's the link. Copenhagen parking app

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