I was planning to rely on Uber, but realised that renting a car might be worthwhile. I am traveling today and all car rental websites I know only provide rentals in 3-4 days from now.

Is my only solution to check on arrival, or can I still check options online for car rentals today? I don't have phone access, but I do have some flight connections, where I will have some time to search for options.

So my question boils down to, can I book a car online today at San Diego airport?

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There's no rule against it.

A quick search on hertz.com revealed plenty of options left for today.

I would try to secure it online rather than at the desk.


Sure, should be no problem. Here's a list of all the car rental companies operating near the SD airport (from the San Diego Airport website).

I had no problem finding a small car at Dollar for 3:30 today at ~$50/day.

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