I am not sure if this is the right group to submit this question to. I feel like this is a travel question because it involves mailing souvenirs and other things that will not fit in to a suitcase. If this is the wrong group can you point me in the right direction please.

So we have an exchange student staying with us and she has a box to send back home to Japan. The box is huge it has all of her souvenirs and winter clothes, she wants to figure of a way so that she can send back the box without spending like a thousand dollars to ship the box back. What would be the cheapest and safest way to ship it there.

The box will be shipped from USA.


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You can mail a 50 pound (22.6 kg) package from the US to Japan for $180 via Priority Mail International. The maximum allowed length is 60", and the maximum length plus girth combined must be less than 108".

If you buy the postage online it is $160, and you fill out and print the customs forms at the same time. The catch is you have to get a special customs envelope that the postage label and customs forms go into; you can have these shipped to you for free or you may be able to obtain them at a local post office. If you've printed the postage and customs form online and placed them in the customs envelope, you can even have the USPS pick up the package at your home for free.

And of course the price will vary depending on the weight of the package, so you should weigh it on a reasonably accurate scale before you mail it. This service has a weight limit of 66 pounds (30 kg) per package.

  • If you don't mind picking up the box at the airport, you can save even more by using a service like Delta Cargo. For example from Atlanta to Narita, it only costs $129 to send a 48 pound (21.8 kg) box, and it usually arrives the next day or so.
    – bparker
    Jun 16, 2015 at 16:56

The cheapest is likely for her to get an extra suitcase and carry it back with her. Even at the elevated prices, it'll still be cheaper than airmail.

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