I'm visiting Panama next month and I'd like to visit Coiba Island. I've read that there are no lodges there (except ANAM ranger station), but I'm wondering if it's possible to sleep at the Island using our own gears (tent, food, water...) In fact, the same page states:

To get a good impression of Coiba, you should plan to stay there for at least two days

so I suposse that this option should exist. In the case you can camp, you must pay anything? (I've read that there is a $20 fee for entrance, but I don't know if you pay it once or every day).

Note that some people stays overland in Santa Catalina, but I prefer to stay in the Island.

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I answer myself. After some extensive researching, I've found this blog post in Spanish that says:

The visitor center has some confortable huts with beds, bathroom and AC [..] is the only place you can stay overnight, because you cannot camp.

Also, it explains that there are crocodiles in the area, so it's not a good idea to camp in the beach even if it's allowed. They don't explain if the fee is payable once or you have to pay it every day, but I suppose you have to pay only once because this post explains every option with a good budget detail and don't talks about paying a daily fee. The bad part with the post is that prices are outdated, so take these prices as reference, but expect to pay a bit more.

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