Wikivoyage says the Kargah Buddha carving is near Gilgit:

Located on a rock near Kargah Nullah (ravine), 10 km. from Gilgit town is a beautiful rock engraving of Buddha from 7th century A.D.

Wikipedia has an article about it but no coordinates.

Google Maps does not know it.

What are the latitude/longitude of the Kargah Buddha?

Kargah Buddha Credit: Mountainloverk2, CC-BY-SA-3.0

  • @pnuts: How did you find these coordinates? – nic Feb 27 '15 at 15:01

Kargah Buddha is located approximately at: 35° 54' 38.30" N 74° 15' 43.20" E. You should be able to spot it if you are around there.

Google Maps is not high-res enough to be able to see it in the satellite view, I guess that's also due to the angle of the carved Buddha image, anyhow Google Maps includes a photo of the Kargah Buddha when pointing the map around there and it points to the mentioned coordinates above.

Sources: panoramio.com 1, panoramio.com 2, Google Maps photos

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