Tlalpan is a huge district of Mexico City, but Wikivoyage says:

The Centro Historico of Tlalpan comprises an area of maybe 6 x 6 blocks, which can be done by foot.
You can stroll through the streets around the Plaza de la Constitucion

Despite trying all kinds of searches in Google Maps, I am unable to find that place.

What are the latitude/longitude of the Plaza de la Constitucion, in Centro Historico of Tlalpan?

Tlalpan City Hall

The Centro Historico of Tlalpan also has a large Spanish Wikipedia article, unfortunately without latitude/longitude information.


From Wikipedia:

The center of this former village is the main square or garden officially called the “Plaza de la Constitución” but better known as the “Jardín Principal” (Main Garden).

You can then look it up in Google Maps to get its latitude and longitude, specifically 19.289 W, 99.167 N.

The surrounding buildings match those in Wikipedia, e.g. La Jalisciense, the San Agustin Church and Casa Frissac.

  • I had spotted that square in my research but somehow with Street View it did not look like a touristic area s I dismissed it too quickly... thanks! – nic Feb 16 '15 at 4:52

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