In about a week's time, I'll need to get from the Sunshine Coast down to Brisbane Airport. Since I don't have a car, I'm looking to use a bus / coach / train / combination of the above.

For most public transport in south east queensland, the Translink Journey Planner is my go-to website. However, for this case, it seems to suggest a ~3 hour journey involving 2 buses and 2 trains, for about $35 on a go-card, which seems a bit excessive...

That leads me to ask - are there any non-Translink buses or coaches from the Sunshine coast (around Coolum or Maroochydore) to Brisbane Airport, which manage the journey in less than 3 hours / less than $35?

(Sadly it isn't possible to change my flight to leave from the Sunshine Coast Airport, handily located between Coolum and Maroochydore)

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Yes, there are several, and most run multiple services a day. Most will stop along the way though - rather than being a direct service.

Prices and times vary, so it's best you have a look and choose the best for you and your group.

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