Until 2016, it was possible to add 24 new pages to a US passport:

The U.S. Department of State will no longer add visa pages into U.S. passports beginning January 1, 2016. Previously, U.S. passport holders had the option to pay for the insertion of additional 24-page visa inserts when valid passports lacked adequate space for entry or exit visa stamps.

How were the pages added to the passport? Were they physically sewn to the existing passport in the middle or attached at the end? Or was it done in some other way?


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Around 20 years ago they were taped in with a wide strip of fairly thick transparent plastic adhesive tape. The page linked in the other answer misinterprets this slightly. The additional pages are a sewn booklet. They are not "sewn into the passport." I believe the sewn booklet includes the adhesive plastic strip, but that is obviously stuck into the passport, not sewn. I'll try to remember to check my old passport tomorrow to confirm.

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This site (archive) (not mine) has pictures of the page addition

More photos in the website

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For a Type VIII (1961-01-01 / 1975-12-01) Passport, where the pages were numbered up to 19, the extension (called additional sheet) was glued on to a page near the end (here page 16) and affixed with 2 seals (top and bottom).

The additional sheet contained six, double sided, pages and were not numbered. This sheet was added in the spring of 1972.

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