I want to buy a ticket from Dubai to Wellington NZ. The flight is Dubai - Melbourne - Wellington. It is all one ticket, and I will not need my luggage in any location except the final destination. Do I need a transit visa for Australia? I am an Iran citizen with a valid NZ student visa.

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Given your nationality I believe you will need a Transit Visa (subclass 771) in order to transit Melbourne.

Note that link says for this visa:

Stay: No longer than 72 hours

Cost: Free

Processing times:

25% of applications: 1 day

50% of applications: 5 days

75% of applications: 13 days

90% of applications: 20 days

Unless there is something we don't know about, it seems that you would not be eligible for a visa free transit, as seen in this link.

  • Thanks. Yep I need and its free Commented Jun 8, 2022 at 5:32

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