I am renting an electric car for a longer trip and figuring out how to pay for (fast) charging stations in Germany and The Netherlands. As of 2022, most charging stations do not yet allow paying for with a regular bank card (this will change from 2023), and dedicated cards or smartphone apps are still needed. The charging card uses a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip (contactless), but how is this for the smartphone apps? Can I scan a Quick Response (QR) code or does it need to support Near Field Communication (NFC)?

My smartphone does not support NFC, and I'm trying to understand if I need to order cards from the (largest) roaming providers (those cards cost money), or if I can count on my smartphone for paying at (fast) charging stations.

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I don't know about Germany, but for The Netherlands I found a few sources stating that you can pay via a QR-code and an app:

  • FastNed: How can I charge my EV at FastNed:
    • When you start a charging session with a QR-code, you don't need a dedicated charging card or any other form of registration [...] Scan the QR-code [...] choose the payment method in the app [...]

  • Shell Recharge:
    • Ease of payment: use your Shell Recharge charge card, a card of another provider or pay via a QR-code with your phone

  • Mountoux.com: Best charging station apps:
    • Smoov App: [...] Start charging session with QR-code, no need for a charging card, pay in the App (with your bank account, creditcard, [...])

Note that I don't have firsthand experience in charging an EV and that it appears to strongly depend on which charging station / app combination you encounter.

  • At least Shell Recharge appears to be big in Germany too, so that gives me some confidence that it should work.
    – gerrit
    Mar 29, 2022 at 7:38

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