Why does IATA's Timatic (https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/) ask for the countries visited over the past 6 days when searching for a destination?

I understand that immigration officers sometimes need to look at the recent travel history when deciding whether to grant entry, but I wonder why choosing 6 days and not some other amount of days.

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    There are rules about ”returning from” a country (e.g. when transiting in the Schengen area after a visit to the US), 6-day might be a (somewhat arbitrary) threshold to capture that. – Relaxed Apr 28 '20 at 15:06

Some countries—notably India and Singapore—require arriving travelers to present a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate if they have been in a country where yellow fever transmission is endemic within the past six days. Other countries with this requirement are a bit vaguer about the exact timing, but six days seems a reasonable rule of thumb even in such cases.

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