My girlfriend and I are flying from Europe to Colombia in 2 weeks and after that 2 weeks to Venezuela, we are landing in Bogota with 2 big suitcases, and we have a 4 days trip to Cartagena, for this Cartagena trip we have a domestic flight, so we would like to take with us our backpacks and leave winter clothes, presents for friends etc in Bogota, since we are coming back 4 days later and stay there for a couple of days more before leaving to Vzla.

Is there any luggage storage service that we can rent for 4 days?

I have found that we can find some of them that can be rented for 12 hours.

Do you have any recommendations?

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There is luggage storage in the airport with details available here.

They have multiple day options:

When I asked for a few day discount, they said no, but give it a try.

Source: TripAdvisor Discussion


I was in Bogota, and there is a luggage storage, I've paid 13.000 pesos per bag per 12 hours.

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