I'm travelling to Havana Cuba and I'm Congolese. And Turkish airlines doesn't have a direct flight to cuba from Congo. So is it possible to get a flight to Istanbul then from there get another flight to Cuba the following day? With the same company(Turkish airlines).

If I can already book the second flight (Istanbul-Havana) from Congo. And are they gonna give me a Transit Visa for that 1 day in Istanbul? must I apply from Congo or at the airport?

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    evisa.gov.tr. You can get that eVisa faster than the first answer here. Sep 4, 2019 at 17:56
  • You should book the itinerary as a single ticket, e.g. FIH-HAV. Turkish Airlines will sort out your connections, change your baggage, and you can stay in Istanbul transit area without a visa. If you purchase them separately you may have trouble. Sep 4, 2019 at 23:09

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I assume you will exit the airport, if so you need a visa as you are visa-free only if you stay inside the airport:

Question: I will be flying to Europe. I know that our aircraft will land in İstanbul. I am not planning to leave the transit lounge. Do I need to get transit visa?

Answer: If you will not leave the transit lounge at the airport you are not required to have transit visa. Otherwise, you have to make visa application to the nearest Turkish Representation.


If you need a visa, you can easily apply for an eVisa online.

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