One of my friend had to move to India during the civil war to India and overstayed there. He left his home country when he was 10 and came back after his degree. I am sure he did not intentionally overstay as he was minor and there was civil war. He came back to his country and obtained a new passport and he has travelled to 4 countries 12 times with the new passport and it's been 7 years he obtained the new passport. The new passport does not have any information about the old passport.

Now he is around 30, well settled and working in a very good company. All the time he is worried about whether the history will cause any issue to his job or travel . Also if company asks to migrate will there be any issue as there is no history for education except degree. What should he do in order to make sure there won't be issue ever again while traveling? Should he approach a lawyer? Thanks in advance.

  • The timeline isn't entirely clear. Did your friend leave India when he was 10, and return to India after his degree? Or did he leave his home country when he was 10, and return to his home country after his degree? – Michael Seifert May 18 at 14:50
  • He left his country when he was 10 and returned after degree – Aks2019 May 18 at 14:51
  • Did he leave India voluntarily or was he deported? – mkennedy May 18 at 16:07
  • Voluntarily with help of agent I think, he traveled to India again – Aks2019 May 18 at 16:23
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    @jpatokal. That seems reasonable to me, but I am surely not at all comfortable telling the OP his friend should hide or sidestep his history if asked by any immigration authorities. I do not intend to give offense, but are you confident enough of your assessment to make it an Answer? – David May 19 at 14:53

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