We are planning a road trip for the summer and are wondering how we can make the most of it.

How do you plan a road trip to make the most out the experience, and out of your money?

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  • Know where to fill up - gas can have a huge difference from state to state / province to province
  • Just because it is the most expensive does NOT make it the best or most fun
  • If you know people that have done this track, ask them what they liked and where they stopped
  • Wal-Mart's are good places to get snacks and nap
  • Bring A LOT of music


Map out your route using rough estimates (Fill up every X kms, Sleep at B, Eat at C, etc..). But do not expect to follow it to the dot. I find the most fun in a road trip is randomness and unpredictability of the trip. Ensure you over budget every. Plan for a break down, have safety cash. There have been numerous times on road trips where, something "fun" has happened.

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