Its a simple ask, how work the registration to visa free travel to russia?

1) Do I need a hotel?

2) 2.1- Can I stay at a friend’s house without an invite letter? 2.2- If yes, how does this work? Do I need to register in a hotel first? Or with a Travel agency? And then re-register when I move to my friend’s house?

Can anyone tell me something about visa-free rules?

Edit: I am a Brazilian citizen and I’ll be entering by air.

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    The answer depends upon your citizenship, and what mode of transport (plane? ferry? cruise ship? train?) you'll enter Russia. – David Apr 27 at 19:14
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    1) No. 2.1) Yes. Russo-Brazilian visa waiver agreement says that visas are necessary for short visits with the following purposes: commerce, work, activities related to religion, charities, studies, training and science. If the purpose of your trip is private, it is not on that list, so you don't need a visa, and thus you don't need an invitation. 2.2) Your friend must register your stay, and that is done relatively easily by filling out a form at a post office. – ach Apr 28 at 13:33
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According to Real Russia, a reputable Russia-focused travel agency, if you're coming to Russia when invited by a friend, you just need to go the local UFMS office to get it registered. See here.

  • I will not go invited, i am going as a tourist, but i will stay in a private house. I need book a hotel before go to russia and then there register that i am at a private house? – Vinícius Oliveira Gouveia Apr 27 at 23:47
  • I’m not an expert but if Russia is anything like other countries where staying in a private home requires permission from the authorities, you will almost certainly need to book a hotel and then apply to change your immigration status from visa-free (tourist) to private. The permission may not be forthcoming or may take some time; while you wait you’ll have to remain in the hotel, so I suggest you apply for the correct visa from the start. You could also contact the Russian embassy in Brazil to check what’s required. – Traveller Apr 28 at 11:11
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    UFMS. FMS stands for Federal Migrational Service, in exactly that order. :) Except for this service does probably exist no more as its functions and facilities have been transferred back to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. – bipll Apr 28 at 18:03
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    No, you don't need to book a hotel. Whoever owns the house you're staying at has to register you with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. – Sandy Bridge Apr 29 at 0:08
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    @SandyBridge A visa-free citizen dont need a invite letter to a private travel? as another person told commenting at my ask? – Vinícius Oliveira Gouveia Apr 29 at 18:12

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