I'd like to visit New York next year and I was wondering if there is a sightseeing pass available so as to see more on a budget. I plan to stay for 10 days.

  • See also Is the NYC CityPASS a good deal?. Note the the Met will, sadly, be ended its pay-as-you-wish policy for non-New Yorkers soon, so that can change the calculations somewhat. – Zach Lipton Jan 8 '18 at 20:27

Try this New York City pass. I have used the Chicago city pass in the past but I was only in the city for a day. You are in for 10 days so might be worthwhile checking how much you would pay for all without the pass and see if it makes sense.


I have been in NY in 2016. I saw two main options: New York City Pass and Smart Destinations. I chose Smart Destinations. It worked fine to me.

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