Are there fixed dates for the openings of ski resorts at Nagano or does that depend on the snow fall?

  • I can't help with this question, but you mean "Nagano", right? Oct 20 '12 at 22:45

According to Snow Japan,

For most resorts, the ski and snowboard season in Japan generally starts around mid-December and goes through until around early April. Opening of course depends on the level of snow that accumulates at a particular resort, and some resorts do actually open as early as late October ("early skiing") and can continue to operate until mid-May (for "spring skiing"), usually with the help of snowmaking machines.

They list 88 resorts in Nagano so you could use that as a starting point to find resort web sites for more details and predictions about this year. I know that Canadian resorts will have a planned opening date on their website before they are actually open.

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