I can't find any clear website on what cheeses I can bring to Canada from France.

I would like to bring:

  • mozzarella (the fresh one that is packaged with some liquid),
  • soft cheeses: Brie, Roblochon and Camembert,
  • hard cheeses: Emmental, Beaufort and Comté,
  • fresh cheeses: Little Goat Cheese "crottin".

Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the limit is 20 kg, but it's not clear which ones I am allowed.

Agence canadienne d'inspection des aliments (in French) also has an inventory of all cheeses allowed or not, but it's not always clear.


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Just don't forget any layover (US, UK ...) when you fly from France to Canada. Their customs apply.

On your second link in French, I found Brie and Camembert in the search bar.

Forget about :

But isn't there any Brie and Camembert in Canada ?

I'm impressed by the limit of 20kg of dairy products

Dairy products (e.g.: cheese, milk, yogurt, butter)

  • up to 20 kilograms per person
  • Regarding you position on crottin, etc., there is an "Other cheeses" category on the link you provided (SH code 040620357599)
    – 7hibault
    Aug 25, 2017 at 12:28

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