I'm a european citizen going to Canada for work. My destination is in Quebec, but there's no direct flight from my city to the destination, i.e. I have to change flight at Montreal airport.

I know I will be quarantined for 2 weeks, but will I be quarantined at Montreal -1st place I reach in Canada), or can I take a second intern flight and quarantine myself at my destination?


You can quarantine at your final destination.

If you are cleared to fly, you may board a connecting flight to reach your final destination. You do not need to quarantine (self-isolate) before connecting, unless your final destination requires you to quarantine at a designated location first.


However, like any traveller, if you start showing symptoms during your layover, you will not be allowed to board the connecting flight without public health approval.

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    Thank you very much! – belitd Jan 12 at 12:05

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