The Sistine Chapel is now closed for visitors.

When will it reopen after a pope is elected? My question is does anyone know how many days after the conclave is done, it is re-opened?


The various news articles I read about this (eg Reuters and Catholic.org) said that they installed a false floor and the stoves. They needed about a week to do that plus sweep for bugs, and that work will need to be undone once the conclave is finished. They will be voting for an unknown amount of time (Huffington Post) : a week is a good guess I suppose. If you plan to visit more than two weeks from the start of the conclave on March 12th, it should be open. Less than a week from now, it won't be. I am not sure how we can predict with more precision than that.

  • Apparently they only voted for two days :) – Bernhard Mar 13 '13 at 21:46

Notice: The Sistine Chapel reopens

As the Conclave has now come to an end with the election of Pope Francis, the Sistine Chapel will reopen for visits by the public on Monday 18 March at 9am. It will also again be possible to visit the Borgia Apartment and the Collection of Modern Religious Art.

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    It would be great if you have a reference for that answer. – mindcorrosive Mar 14 '13 at 19:53

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