In a few weeks, I will be departing off Miami for a cruise. It it my first time on such an adventure.

  • From downtown Miami, how to reach the pier where cruise liners usually pick up passengers? Is there public transit nearby or should I get a cab?

  • How far in advance of the sailing time should I show up so that I can clear the boarding procedures?

  • What are the usual boarding procedures? Is there a X-ray / metal detector check like at airports? Is there a separate luggage handling?

  • I had a rental car that I returned before a cruise in Miami. There was a free transfer from the car rental station to the ship of my choice. After the cruise I took the tranfer back to a car rental station and took another car to continue my journey. – juergen d Jan 8 '13 at 3:26

You can go by public buses to Port of Miami. I can not give you specific details since I do not know from where you will take the bus. Google Maps will offer a great help. Please note if you take a bus you will have to walk from the bus station to the terminal which is a ~10 minutes walk. It is advised to go by car and get dropped off at the terminal.

You need to reach the terminal minimum of 2 hours in advance, as mentioned in the official site of Port of Miami. Anyway different cruise companies have different rules:

Passengers should arrive at least two hours prior to departure. Check with your cruise line for the latest embarkation/debarkation information.

Security procedures, prohibitions and documentation requirements vary by cruise line or destination. Contact your cruise line for details about the specific requirements and restrictions for your itinerary.

Regarding pre-boarding and luggage procedures, since you will pass a TSA check as mentioned in the official website then you will pass a metal detector and your luggage will pass X-ray scanners just like any airport.


I know my answer is a little late to the party but I've found it sometimes cheaper $100 per person to fly into Ft. Lauderdale and just take a van ride down from that airport to the cruise port.

  • You're right, the flights to Fort Lauderdale airport are more cheaper, and is just 25 min from Miami port – Emilio Gort Jul 30 '14 at 16:16

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