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27 votes

Can I use Google Maps traffic information to estimate driving time for a specific date/time?

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What building is this?

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How can I wash myself Indian-style (using water not toilet paper) in Western toilets?

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Is it dangerous to go to the USA as a Russian now?

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Is there a website with historical temperatures and weather data?

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Ear protection on long flights?

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Eating on the Palace on Wheels, in Rajasthan, India if I have dietary restrictions

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Do I still need my Garmin Etrex Vista GPS or can I just use my iPhone with an App?

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Traveling fom the US to Japan, could I bring my own phone?

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Liveaboard on the Barrier Reef at New Years - Book now or wait to haggle?

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Weather in Australia (Melbourne) summer, winter?

1 vote

New Orleans Live Music Venue Recommendations

1 vote

Can I pay with my smartphone in the US (Pittsburgh, PA)?

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New Orleans ... With kids?