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Does leaving mini-bag-tag stickers on your luggage confuse airport bagging handling?
8 votes

I don't normally bother removing these, but a couple of years ago at LHR airport the employee at the check-in desk said that old barcode stickers can confuse the scanning equipment used in baggage ...

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Can a teenager travel on an adult ticket for a Ryanair flight?
3 votes

You ask whether you could "wing it" and just hope for the best, but surely £30 isn't much to pay compared to the risk of an over-officious member of staff at the gate refusing to allow you to fly? ...

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Lost/Stolen Passport but travel is before the 1 week fast-track service UK
1 votes

Although it's too late to help in this specific case, the following information will be useful for any other British citizens in a similar situation. (I'm guessing this case refers to a British ...

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Is it possible to change my name in flight ticket?
-1 votes

In many cases, it will be possible to change the name on your ticket although a fee may apply. Contact the airline or agent that issued the ticket, and they will advise you whether or not this can be ...

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