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What are the hidden fees of a cruise?
15 votes

As an experienced cruiser, who tips well, I find cruises to be an extra ordinary value. In fact your cruise might cost a bit less than what you actually paid! You could be refunded part of your port ...

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Why is onboard/inflight shopping still a thing?
13 votes

I really like Mark's answer. And while certain passengers may not find value in airline shopping the fact that it is profitable for the airline should make us all happy. As long as such profit ...

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Celebrating Halloween in Austin, TX, USA
9 votes

There are many great answers, and you have some options open to you if you AirBnB it. I would ask any potential host if there are children in the area citing your interest in passing out candy. ...

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Web Sites: Disneyland vs Disney World in the United States
8 votes

From what I saw the prices are not all that different. At Orlando $97, CA $85. Keep in mind that Orlando has four different (main) parks: Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot....

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Rent clothing in Frankfurt / Being warm without cold weather clothing
7 votes

Make like you are in the army: Pantyhose go under your pants for leg warmth. Cheap, lightweight, small and warm. A long sleeve flannel shirt plus a sweater and an undershirt will keep you pretty ...

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Texas, USA speed ticket as a European citizen, already left the country
6 votes

I'd contact a lawyer in the jurisdiction that the infraction took place. You don't need a really good one, just one that will look out for your interests. If you have friends in the area perhaps ...

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When booking a cruise, how can I find a list of all the port fees in advance?
5 votes

Most fees are those that are levied for time spent at a port. The larger the boat, the longer the time ported, and the more ports the more fees. There was a class action lawsuit against the cruise ...

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Cashless visit to the USA?
4 votes

In most establishments this is perfectly acceptable and is increasingly so. Some "mom and pop" style restaurants may still be cash only, but that seems to be fewer and fewer. If you are gambling in ...

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Do major celebrities who perform on cruises stay on the cruise?
4 votes

Carnival is really good at this and they do the same thing with minor comedians. Often times you will see two Carnival ships in the same port toward the middle of a longer cruise (7 days or longer)....

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Camping in WA/OR during the off-season
Accepted answer
3 votes

I would suggest that there really is not much of an off season in that part of the country. Rain hits most days, so really only cold weather is a factor. Seattle is known to experience 50 degree F/...

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Took airline plane blanket by accident; didn't realize it was forbidden. What should I do?
2 votes

One way you can help the industry, the environment, and potentially this specific airline is to bring this with you as part of your travel kit. So when the attendants come around, passing out ...

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How to communicate that a tip to staff on a cruise ship is additional to those prepaid?
1 votes

Here is what I ended up doing: 1) The wait staff on the first night was terrible, luckily we needed a table reassignment. 2) The next night we were assigned a wonderful wait staff, the got called ...

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