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Ahmad Karim

My journey started with 'Assembly' for the mighty 8051 and for a time it was good. Then came the mother language 'C' and the idea of programming different micro controllers using one language was quite captivating at that time. Along this path i discovered 'VHDL' and 'FPGAs'(fascinating piece of technology!). Some how got the opportunity to learn 'Objective C' and make some 2D games for iOS, which was a very nice experience. Then i moved to Germany to study Embedded systems and landed my self a Student job at Höchstleistungsrechenzentrum(HLRS) Stuttgart where i discovered 'Python' and used it for data analysis and visualization and i really liked python. Then I had to use FORTRAN for CFD (computational fluid dynamics) where i had to deal with a 6 dimensional Matrix with over a million data points. As a Masters requirement i had to complete a 6 month internship so i got a chance at 'BOSCH Connected devices and solutions' where i used Python for visualizing the data from IoT sensors and in this process i got to know REST, Pandas, matplotlib etc. and i really enjoyed scripting in Python. After the internship i got an opportunity to design and develop a browser based dynamic visualization tool using JavaScript so i am currently working with JS, D3.js, HTML, CSS and at the same time also experimenting with some IoT soltuions based on LORA.

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